The pandemic is having a big impact on book printing and distribution, assuming you can afford to buy them. All our work is available digitally, for purchase, and for loan through libraries. If you’d like to read something, consider recommending your library to buy it.

Ms Blaelock’s Books

Stress Free Dinner Parties
Build Your Signature Wardrobe
Holistic Personal Finance Book
Minimally Viable Housekeeping
Planning a Life Worth Living

Short Story Collections

Little Place Called Home

Other Fiction

That Love Nonsense
Taipan vs Brown
The Ghost and Ms Cox

Short Stories

Kiss of Death
Phoenix Child Cover
Special Relativity in Space
All In
Cracking the Code
Long Weekend in the Snow
Mince Pie Mystery
Best Friends Forexer
Cry in the Darkness
Dingo Hunting
Secert Singer
Second Son Squad
Millie and the Mountain
Dance of Death
Ship in a Bottle
Morning Star, Evening Star, Superstar
Dwennon's Despair
Cancelled by the Cartel
The First Rung
Shining Star
Bygone Boyfriend
Never Going to be a Hero
Dream House
Onslaught at New Mir