Case Files of the Wilkinson National Detective Agency

Case Files of the Wilkinson National Detective Agency

Welcome to Wilkinson’s!

I’m afraid Mr Hall’s running a little late, can I get you a tea or coffee while you wait?

No? What if I tell you about some of the recent cases we’ve been involved in?

  • The First Rung – Dot Sayers on her first job, doing background checks discovers something’s not quite right about the target.
  • Blood and Bloody Profanity – former cop Phoebe Swan, hired by the parents of a dead girl to solve the case that got away.
  • The Psychic Detective – Shirley Weaving’s not cut out for normal investigations, but when something’s not quite right, she’s your girl.
  • Susan and the Gangster – Susan Murray’s following a crime kingpin until he starts following her.
  • The Last Case – Lily White investigates her grandfather’s mysterious gangland murder.

Yes? Then get comfortable and settle in for a wild ride.

Available in

  • Hardback (ISBN: 978-1-925749-73-1) MSRP US$24.99
  • Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-925749-74-8) MSRP US$13.99
  • eBook (ISBN: 978-1-925749-75-5) MSRP US$5.99