The Ghost and Ms Cox

Life interrupted

To say the letter was a surprise was an understatement. It arrived addressed to Miss Finlay Cox, which made the contents even more extraordinary.

Orphan Finn Cox inherits a cottage. Thinks it holds the key to her origins. Of course she takes a look. Who wouldn’t?

But when she gets there, she gets more than she bargained for,

is it friend, family or foe?

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  • Hardback (ISBN: 978-1-922744-40-1) MSRP US$24.99
  • Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-922744-41-8) MSRP US$13.99
  • eBook (ISBN: 978-1-922744-42-5) MSRP US$5.99
  • AI Generated Audiobook (ISBN: 978-1-922744-50-0) $6.99