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Enjoy Christmas with a twist

Some Christmases are more twisted than others…

Christmas traditions of hot chocolate with marshmallows, mulled wine, roasted meats warm and snug inside while it’s snowing outside are all very well in the northern hemisphere, but those in the southern are left rolling their eyes.

And yet, the idea of a Christmas that’s hot enough for a dip in the pool, chilled prawn salad for lunch, and ice cold beers leave Northerners shaking their heads in disbelief.

So a twisted collection of warm climate Christmas stories are just the start of Alexandria Blaelock’s Christmas Travesties (BlueMere Books, 2021), collection of short stories.

“Cold, snowy Christmas movies and stories don’t seem right to me,” Alexandria said, “so I wrote some stories that feel more like the ones I’m used to.”

December under the hot Australian sun is twisted enough, but these stories turn it up a notch or ten.

  • Christmas Bonanza – it takes beauty, brains and brawn to win The Christmas Bonanza – the most anticipated reality show on TV. But Edina Montrose wants to win. No matter the cost. But all is not what it seems.
  • Remains of Christmas – having spent all her life in the military, all Penelope Cradock knows is how to be a soldier. Never married, lost her unit and her family in the war. And while the Empire conquered her people, Christmas conquered the Empire.
  • Christmas Kisses – Ava Gibson, slightly stressed event manager, organising the Goldings Investment Bank annual Christmas dinner. Ryan Griffith, high flyer, confirmed bachelor, and Christmas Sceptic. Knocking heads together. Literally.
  • Christmas Conflagration – Matilda May McDonald, so-called crazy-cat-lady, owner of four dogs, trapped by her past. Perhaps this Christmas offers more than salvation.
  • Christmas Business – Vada Paloma was busy working undercover. So deep undercover she can’t find her way back. Could Christmas be the key to unlocking her present?

There’s something for everyone in this collection!

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