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House Histories

Houses live longer than people.

Have you ever visited a grand historic house and wondered about the people who lived there?

Imagined what you life might have been had you lived there a century ago?

Alexandria Blaelock has, and The Histories of Hayward Hall (BlueMere Books, 2021), hints at the different kinds of people you might see.

“What would a haunted house that isn’t haunted look like? Is there a line between time travelers and ghosts?

“What if ghosts were time travelers,” Alexandria Blaelock mused, what would their perspective be? And would anyone help them say put? In these stories, I tried to imagine the future lives historic houses might lead.”

So relax, take a seat and this about physics, astronavigation and we delve into the metaphysical nature.

  • The Space-Time Paradox – in which we meet our plucky heroine on her first day at work.
  • Love in the Past Tense – she crash lands in 1905.
  • The Mystery of the Master Suite – she disappears in mysterious circumstances.
  • The  Ghost Detectors – she’s visited by a paranormal investigator in an alternate dimension.
  • Special Relativity in Space – she returns to her own time.

Join Morag as she gets to grips with time and space.

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