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How many faces do you show the world?

Felicia Clarke has at least five faces…

We’re all different people when we talk to the people we know – your boss, your lover, your mother.

Especially when you think there’s just you living inside your head.

Alexandria Blaelock’s collection of short stories Five Faces of Felicia Clarke (BlueMere Books, 2021), puts it into perspective.

“Sometimes, looking at other people’s lives, you don’t know how they got where they are,” Alexandria said. “These stories show one possible route to take you where they end up.”

So fall in love, get a job, and change someone’s life, just like Felicia.

  • For Love of Felicia – Tom goes to secretarial college, falls in love, and… well… doesn’t get married.
  • The Secretarial Shelter – Charles hires a new secretary and sees his business grow.
  • My Lucky Customer – Erol opens a shop, and believes his first customer brings him luck.
  • Stranger Danger – a girl meets a stranger who encourages her to follow her dreams.
  • Best Friends Forever – Etta takes a trip down memory lane when she runs into the woman who was once her best friend.

Get to know Felicia, and make up your own mind(s).

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