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Is fate fact or fiction?

Do you believe in fate? Or free will?

Some believe fate is fixed and immutable, while others believe you can rise above it.

Easy when you think about how many boyfriends you’ve gone through.

Alexandria Blaelock’s collection of short stories Unavoidable Fates (BlueMere Books, 2021), gives you the choice.

“I like to think about my life as a tangled ball of string,” Alexandria said, “the kind of ball you get when a cat’s got hold of it. Just a big old mess.”

The kind of mess you might find when lives get out of hand.

  • Fate of the Fates – Will Claudia break up the team and go it alone?
  • Fate or Foe – Deirdre doesn’t want to marry a stranger, but does she have it in her to change her fate?
  • Fate in Your Hands – His holiday over, Erik is going home to complete his Military Service. Will he pay the price for changing his destiny?
  • It Must be Fate – Laura meets the god of her dreams, but can he win her over?
  • Charging into Fate – On a whim, Marguerite visits the last bookshop for 1,000 km. Is her fate nearby?
  • Embracing Fate – Agatha meets a young woman determined to meet her destiny; can she change her mind?

Get to know Felicia, and make up your own mind(s).

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