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Minimally Viable Housekeeping (eBOOK)


When you’re busy, taking care of your home takes too much time and energy, leaving you tired and discontented. Minimally Viable Housekeeping translates business effectiveness and efficiency techniques for the home. Making more time for living.

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Do you struggle every day to get it all done?
If you’re fulfilling work and family obligations with little or no help, you know it’s a constant battle to keep your home in order. Often, it’s all or nothing – you’re catching up on one front but losing on another.
Comparing historic house and modern hotel operations, ex-Project Manager Alexandria Blaelock reveals how:
•  What goes on in your head affects what goes on in your home.
•  Focusing on what’s right for your family reduces your to-do list.
•  Standardising saves you time and effort.
•  Planning and scheduling makes it all happen.
•  Not to feel guilty about seeking help.
Minimally Viable Housekeeping is Blaelock’s fourth book applying business techniques to personal concerns. Using these productivity techniques to manage your home will free up the time and energy you need to live a life worth living.

Seeing as you’re not looking at a print book, you don’t need to worry so much about dog-eared pages or split spines.

But, we know you’re probably going to read in the bathroom, or while you’re eating lunch… So, just from a phone/tablet hygiene and safety point of view, please wash your hands, and don’t drop the phone! Might be an idea to clean the screen now and again as well.

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