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Security Directorate Dossiers volume 2 (eBook)


Controlled and indoctrinated by the Security Directorate from birth, the elite enforcement arm unwaveringly supports the regime. This is five of their stories.


More stories from the ruthless fascist dictatorship that is the Security Directorate.

The Director General oversees the indoctrination and eugenics programmes to ensure only the best and brightest survive to take up postings in the elite enforcement Protection Squad. These are five of their stories.

  • Life in the Security Directorate – Eve struggles to come to terms with life in the Directorate and finds her own way out.
  • Honoris Virilis Respectu – Major General John Simm struggles with the difference between his version of the truth and the Director General’s.
  • Calling it a Day – Captain Maeryn Prothero finds herself on the wrong side of the Directorate. Is she good enough at her job to be worth saving?
  • Veni Vidi Vici – Second Lieutenant Cora Meadows must make a one woman assault on Exploratorem Station.
  • Pursuit of Power – Captain Tara Cline pursues a serial killer with a dirty secret.

These stories will continue to challenge your sense of a good life.

Seeing as you’re not looking at a print book, you don’t need to worry so much about dog-eared pages or split spines.

But, we know you’re probably going to read in the bathroom, or while you’re eating lunch… So, just from a phone/tablet hygiene and safety point of view, please wash your hands, and don’t drop the phone! Might be an idea to clean the screen now and again as well.

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