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Veni Vidi Vici (eBOOK)


Second Lieutenant Cora Meadows is alone when an unfamiliar alarm tone goes off. Does she have what it takes to deal with whatever it is?


On her first assignment…
Second Lieutenant Cora Meadows new to Exploratorem Station.
Hears an alarm tone not covered by her induction.
Is on her own. Outisde. With noone to give orders.
Is it a hazing rutual? Or a rebel attack?
Does she have what it takes to deal with whatever it is?

Seeing as you’re not looking at a print book, you don’t need to worry so much about dog-eared pages or split spines.

But, we know you’re probably going to read in the bathroom, or while you’re eating lunch… So, just from a phone/tablet hygiene and safety point of view, please wash your hands, and don’t drop the phone! Might be an idea to clean the screen now and again as well.

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