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Weaving the Wildwood


All Alison Porter wants is a place of her own. Thinks she’s found it in an old cottage. Stumbles through a portal in the garden and finds a a mysterious place.



All she wants is a place of her own.
When Alison Porter finds a tiny cottage for sale, she thinks her dreams have come true. Inside virgin bushland, “Crow Cottage” sits on the smallest parcel of cleared land.
It’s old. It’s run down. It’s keeping a secret.
Stumbling through a mysterious portal in the garden, she finds herself in a place of mystery and intrigue. As the past, present and future collide, she must unravel the secret, for only then can she reweave the tapestry of time.
If you love a story of twists and turns, where nothing is what it seems, grab Weaving the Wildwood today.

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