How to Stay on Top of Housework?

Want Help Improving Your Household and Housework Efficiency and Effectiveness?

We’re continually looking for productivity tips for the workplace, but have you ever thought about using them for your housework?

It’s true, they can work at home! Alexandria Blaelock wrote Ms Blaelock’s Book of Minimally Viable Housekeeping to help you think about what’s not working, make a plan to deal with it and get it done.

“You don’t have to fight about who does and doesn’t do enough housework,” Alexandria said, “nor do you have to do it all, but you do have to think about what needs to be done and why. Then you can choose how to meet your needs, and ignore other people’s expectations.”

Focusing on getting the right stuff done with the minimum of effort, frees up time you can spend on the things that make life worth living.

Drawing on a career in business and project management, Alexandria Blaelock translates business productivity techniques including standardisation, prioritisation and continuous improvement for household concerns.

1. Remember it’s not objective

When we think of “clean,” we think of an easily verifiable universal standard, but the meaning has moral overtones of goodness and purity that aren’t relevant to home care. Clean is just the absence/removal of dirt.

2. Know WHY you’re doing it

Your and your desire for a soothing sanctuary after a busy day at work has different care requirements than someone homeschooling their kids. Knowing your WHY helps you focus your attention where it needs to be to meet your needs.

3. You don’t have to do it all on your own

Your job is to ensure it gets done, not necessarily do it yourself. Those who share your home can and should do their bit, even if it’s just making their bed, putting their dishes in the washer and dirty clothes in the hamper.

4. It doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t all get done

 You can skip a day or a week here and there. Sometimes, depending on the room, you can shut the door and walk away for months. Even better, you get to choose the schedule.

5. Don’t fill your home up with crap you don’t use

If it’s not there, you don’t have to look after it, so be very careful about what you let into your home.

“You don’t have to do it all, or do it perfectly,” says Blaelock, “you only have to do just enough that’s good enough.”

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Minimally Viable Housekeeping

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