Security Directorate Dossiers volume 1 (PAPERBACK)

Controlled and indoctrinated by the Security Directorate from birth, the elite enforcement arm unwaveringly supports the regime. This is five of their stories.


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In a ruthless fascist dictatorship, the Director General commands all.

Controlled and Indoctrinated from birth, strengthened by an all-encompassing eugenics programme, and challenged by rigorous genetic, physical and mental tests, the Security Directorate's elite enforcement arm unwaveringly supports the regime.

These are five of their stories.

•   Life in the Security Directorate - Eve struggles to come to terms with life in the Directorate and finds her own way out.

•   Love in the Security Directorate - while the Directorate might control who you marry, they can't always control who you fall in love with.

•   Success at the Academy - Lieutenant Jemima Hunt discovers in the power over life or death is not always clear cut.

•   Payton's Run - Can Payton survive her live fire physical assessment?

•   Minty and the Monster - Second Lieutenant Minty Hollister takes up her first post at Cabaret Cave.

These stories will challenge your sense of a good life.

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