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Daniel’s not looking for a love to last a lifetime. Nor one to last a couple of hours. Norah’s lost one husband. Doesn’t want another. Thinks she’s past that love nonsense. He can’t rewrite her history, but can he help her create a new future?

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What’s the worst that can happen?
Daniel isn’t looking for a love to last his lifetime. He’s not even looking for a love to last a couple of hours.
Until he sees a woman riding the tram. Arms folded. Eyes closed. Like a superhero. He’s intrigued.
Norah’s lost one husband. Not looking for a second. Thinks she’s past all that love nonsense. But did she bury herself along with him?
Daniel can’t rewrite her history, but can he help her create a new future?

Chapter One

Daniel glanced up to see where the tram had stopped.

The commuters in the centre of the carriage seethed and rearranged themselves like a school of fish as people disembarked and others climbed in.

A space opened up, and just for an instant, a woman stood alone in its centre. Her back was to him, but the dark, fitted, retro-styled skirt suit she wore highlighted her trim figure.

She was standing arms folded, balancing evenly on her slightly spaced legs, riding the turbulence like a high-heeled surfer.

For an instant, he imagined her, head thrown back, riding him.

And then, as she abruptly turned her head, just in the nick of time to avoid being hit in the face by some guy’s backpack, as an old, black and white comic book superhero come to life.

Travelling incognito as her mild-mannered alter ego of course.

He willed her to turn around and show him the cateye glasses and dark lipstick he was convinced she was wearing.

He almost stood up to fight through the crowd to her to offer his seat, though of course by the time he reached her, the seat would be taken.

The tram lurched, and with a metallic squeal of wheels started moving again. He imagined her smiling slightly as she rocked; swaying sexily without stumbling.

Someone in the aisle behind him staggered, setting off a cascade of nudging and bumping that surged down the carriage like a wave.

He decided she’d ridden it out with barely a nudge.

Someone nearby farted silently, and he half coughed, half retched as the smell hit him.

At least being winter, he didn’t have to worry too much about antiperspirant failures as well.

Daniel pointed his nose toward the window and was astonished to see the woman’s face blurrily reflected in its smeary surface.


No cateye glasses, but she was wearing dark lipstick.

The kind of square face that might be handsome on a man, but generally considered unfortunate on a woman. Particularly one wearing that kind of a short masculine hairstyle, such a pale blond it was almost invisible from his distance.

It gave him the idea she was the kind of person who lived her life on her own terms.

But more intriguingly, her eyes were closed.

Perhaps so familiar with every tilt and swing of the journey she could take it eyes closed, without the assistance of a grab bar or handle. Or so confident she could read the movement through her feet she didn’t need to watch.

Not something he could do.

Not that he’d ever tried.

Though, not being very tall, she probably couldn’t reach the grab handles anyway.

Then again, maybe she was one of those people who could sleep standing up. Like a bird, half her brain always turned on.

He’d been on this tram route for years, how was it possible he’d never seen her before?

Then again, even if she was the kind of woman who kept a nice, neat daily routine, he didn’t. It wasn’t likely they’d caught the 18:06 on the same day before.

And even if they had, it was a strange coincidental circumstance he’d noticed her in the first place. Front on, wearing something less distinctive, he probably wouldn’t have.

Not that he was looking for a personal entanglement that lasted longer than a couple of hours anyway, but aside from being of the female persuasion, she wasn’t his type.

And yet…

He was curious.

The tram juddered to a halt, and the doors clanked opened with a groan.

His pocket buzzed, and Steve’s text reminded him of Mariel’s birthday party. He cursed under his breath as he realised this was the stop for the restaurant.

He bolted out of the seat.

“Excuse me,” he said pushing past passengers, “excuse me,” as he pushed his way through to the exit, “excuse me,” as he forced his way out the doors just as they closed.

Almost catching his ankle as he dived for the kerb

He bent over, breathing heavily, worn out by battling off the tram.

And exhausted by the idea of having to spend the evening celebrating best mate Steve’s wife’s birthday with their family and friends.

Still, there’d be free booze.

But now, his imagination hooked by the idea of his tram surfing comic book superhero, he wanted a slightly different end to his evening than getting drunk and going home alone.

And given those two, and their perpetual rose-coloured matchmaking attempts, they’d have lined up one of their single friends for him already.

But maybe this time, she’d be okay.

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